Video Testimonials

Significantly Reduced Pain

Days without pain!

My first walk after accident, Dr. Flora helped me a lot!

Decompression therapy works for me

Ernesto – Spanish Testimonial

Lilia – Spanish Testimonial

Almost fully healed from Neuropathy and Frostbite

Came in on a wheelchair, and now I’m walking!

Rapid Release Pro | Targeted Vibration Technology

Legs Pain relief after two months treatment

Feet pain relief

Pain relief after 4 weeks treatment

I’m no longer waking up with pain after just a few weeks of Chiropractic

Auto Accident Treatment for Neck, Shoulder, and Lower Back Pain

Crystal Blue

Dr Hyacinth is a true HEALER. She not only aligns my back and neck, I feel the relief and healing in process with my muscles around the problem areas. I have been in on going pain suffering 24 hours a day. After my first visit with her, my pain went from 100%...

Eric Sigaki Martins de Jesus

Amazing place and great professional!

Default Avatar55
For me, decompression treatments were by far the way to go.

Diana Law
I started Decompression treatments in April 2022, after an MRI from my doctor, I had multiple problems in the spine that I needed to address. Scheduled an initial visit with Dr. Flora and after she reviewed my MRI findings, she told me exactly how many...

Mariana B.

Hi Doctor! I?ve been wanting to text you to tell you how much better I am after treatment. The complete healing happened after a few months. I can tell my herniated Disc is now minimum if not gone. I can?t be more grateful for you. I can?t believe this horrible...

Sylvia Mckenzie

Well, I have been on this cancer journey for 9 months now with a lot of side effects. Today I start out a Neuropathy Specialist. Let me tell you after the first treatment today, I am almost back to normal. I can?t believe it? I will be returning


Frozen shoulder is what brought me to San Diego Neuropathy. I was seeing another chiropractor for over a year & an acupuncturist for a couple of months to treat my shoulder to no avail. My prior chiropractor was the quantity over quality but Dr. Flora and her...

Emiliano C.

I decided to go ahead with a 6 month treatment plan. I walked in about a month ago limping and with minimal movement. I can tell you I have never felt better I can't wait to see how I feel in 6 months. Dr. Flora and her team are amazing they always make sure you...


Today was the first time since my accident in April 2018 that I could put on my hiking toddler backpack, and it feels great to see the light at the end of the road. I have started wearing a posture brace to keep my process going but I have been able to get back...

Kathy J.

I just went there for my first consult and Dr. Hyacinth and her staff were great!!! I didn?t realize how stiff my neck was until after the treatment and my pain in my arm is much better.

Mike E.

Feeling thankful. Just finished my last PT appointment for my back and neck since my car accident. Loved this place

NC Ernie

Went for the first time today for my lower back (bulging disc), the treatment was awesome and the staff very professional and helpful the whole time! Going back! Thank you!

Margarita M.

The best experience! I have been dealing with lower back pain that radiates down my left leg for several weeks now. It has been pretty annoying and sometimes frustrating to deal with. I finally made an appointment with Dr. Hyacinth and her amazing team. Dr....

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