When a nerve is pinched, people will feel pain, but they have less idea the exact reason for that pain. If a pinched nerve is a health condition, what does it mean? How can people know that they are suffering from it?

In anatomy, the nervous system is made up of two parts. The peripheral nervous system and the central nervous system, aka, PNS and CNS, respectively. Our brain and the spinal cord comprise the CNS. The PNS, on the other hand, contains thousands of spinal nerves, which came all the way from the spinal cord, which is a part of CNS. These nerves are vital to the function of every body part as they are the source of life and transmitter of signals coming from the brain.

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In the lumbar region, you will find the sciatic nerve, the largest nerve formed in the pelvis at the end of the spine. Perhaps, a form of pinched nerve, called sciatica, happens in this region. This pinching of the lumbar spinal nerve is felt when there is pain in one leg but begins in the buttock. Cervical pinched nerve is experienced when there is a pain in the neck region and pain travels to shoulder and arm.

Common areas of pinched nerve occurrence:

  • Wrist or carpal tunnel, when the median nerve is compressed or injured
  • Sciatic nerve
  • Nerve in the cervical spine or neck area

Bones and muscles are surrounded by tissues and nerves. A nerve is pinched when too much pressure is applied on a painful area. This condition or occurrence is called a pinched nerve.

Pain from nerve compression or pinched nerve may be lasting or temporary. Minor pinched nerves should be treated immediately because for worse cases, it would be difficult to correct the damage, thus, may lead to surgical solutions.

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