Your cervical spine is located in the neck area. If there is an abnormality in the function of the network of bones, nerves, and muscles, it will lead to neck pain.

Neck pain can be due to many reasons. The most common pain is a stiff neck. Injuries from falls, whiplash, rigid sports, and poor posture can be the reasons why a person is suffering from neck pain.

With neck pain, it is difficult to do normal tasks. When acute neck pain lasts more than 12 weeks, it will lead to chronic neck pain. Neck pain is physical in nature, However, this condition affects one’s mood to perform day to day tasks.

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Similar to chronic back pain, poor posture, prolonged sitting, and incorrect sleeping position can cause chronic neck pain. The pain doesn’t settle on the neck area alone but may lead down to shoulders and arms and way up to the head.

Most neck pain conditions go away in days. Some types of neck pains can be treated with pain relievers. But when it becomes chronic, it should be checked and treated right away.

Common causes of neck pain

Are you aware of neck crepitus? What is it? At some point, you may have experienced moving your neck, twisting it in a way it produces a cracking, snapping, or popping sound. Experts of the spine say that the sound is caused by changes in the pressure within the joints. Crepitus can also occur in areas of the body where there are joints, such as in the shoulders, hips, knee, and ankle.

While neck crepitus is at most times painless, there could be some underlying medical condition, especially when the movement is accompanied by severe pain.

Other causes of chronic neck pain

  • Herniated/bulging disc
  • Whiplash
  • Pinched nerve
  • Osteoporosis
  • Poor posture

Symptoms of chronic neck pain

  • Dull pain and stiff neck
  • Numbness
  • Muscle tenderness
  • Difficulty in turning around
  • Radiating pain
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