You may not know what causes your back pain until you seek medical evaluation. Acute back pain may seem to be a minor issue because you can easily get relief and overcome the pain. It only becomes chronic when the pain you are experiencing is persistent, especially after an injury, trauma, fall, or surgery. Looking for the source of the pain could be difficult. And if this happens, your chronic back pain will affect your mood and your day to day battle with life.
Acute low back pain may progress to chronic back pain when the pain is recurring and experienced for 12 weeks or more. People affected with chronic back pain are in great discomfort lasting for a year.

Conic back pain treatment

The causes of back pain can be due to several factors. Injury, for example, can be blamed for persistent pain in the lumbar region of the body. Those who fell from heights, faced accidents, acquired injuries (from sports, high-energetic activities), or sedentary lifestyles that will in time suffer from back pain. If not corrected immediately, it will lead to chronic back pain.

Most chronic back pains affect the age strata 50 to 65, accounting for the second most prevalent condition in the United States. Also, it is one of the most common causes of complaints from people who lost quality time, time to be productive in work, since back pain has a significant impact on one’s mood.

Underlying cause

Following a sedentary lifestyle can be a primary concern for the progress of back pain. If one’s life is described as lame, inactive, and less purposive it can lead to chronic back pain. In this digital age, people are succumbing to gadgets and their habits have changed drastically. The lack of purpose to flex the muscles and do some physical activities becomes out of fashion. People’s habits become too confined inside the home with the convenience of electronic devices.

Extended time sitting in the office is also to be blamed for lack of exercise. Too much availability of information, with the push of a button, everything can be delivered online, even food. So, the time to exert an effort loses its value because everything can be served right in front of you. That is why obesity is becoming a health problem, too.

Obesity alone can be blamed for poor posture, leading from one spinal disease to another: bone problems, spinal stenosis, osteoporosis.

Your history of chronic back pain could also be related to another lumbar condition, sciatica. Sciatica and chronic back pain can have similar symptoms. In sciatica, pain is manifested through tenderness or stiffness in the thigh and leg but starts from the buttocks.

Signs and symptoms of chronic back pain:

  • Tingling sensation on the lumbar region
  • Weak muscles
  • Difficulty in bending
  • Numb buttocks leading down the legs
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